Novel Carbon Membranes to Meet Various Ultrafiltration Needs


ultrafiltration Membranes

Carbon membranes are perfect for use with extreme operating conditions that require longevity, resistance to aggressive solvents, and superior pressure/temperature tolerance. Its good conductivity allows you to charge the membrane to meet your extra filtration needs.


lab filtration

NCS UF membranes

Applications: Pre-Treatment, Color Reduction, Purification, Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration, Electro-Ultrafiltration, Electro-Microfiltration, SEM Substrate, Support Material for TFC, MOF, etc.

Filtration examples 

Feed: An Aqueous solution containing 10 nm nanoparticles.

Feed: Carbon tetrachloride solvent containing Vulcan carbon particles.


Electrically Conductive Membrane

Electric membrane cleaning

Our carbon membrane can be cleaned in-situ by applying electricity. Applied electrical pulses split water, forming bubbles at the electrode. The bubbles dislodge foulants and the membrane is regenerated.

capacitive  Deionization

When a potential difference is applied between two carbon membranes, salt ions can be "adsorbed" electrostaticallyon the membrane's surface and removed from the feed water.


we also provide

Carbon products

Activated Carbon (datasheet)

Graphene Oxide / Reduced Graphene Oxide (datasheet)

Mesophase Pitch (datasheet)

Graphene-Enhanced Corrosion Protection Primer

Graphene additives can largely improve the corrosion protection performance and the lifetime of Zinc rich primers. With graphene additives, A  50 – 60% less amount of zinc is required, thus protecting the environment.