Momentum Materials Solutions is a Calgary-based spin-off. We are developing a carbon-membrane based filtration process to help meet the clean water and chemical separations needs of the future.



Potential Applications


High Temperature Wastewater Treatment

Oil/Water Separation

Chemical Refinary 

Air/Gas Purification

Food and Pharmaceutical Process



Meet the team

Chengying (Arlene) Ai, M.Sc.
CEO & Co-founder

Chengying (Arlene) Ai graduated from Anhui Agriculture University (China) with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Applied Chemistry. After that, she attended University of Calgary to obtain a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. Her Master's research under Professor Viola Birss and Dr. Sathish Ponnurangam  focused on Polyaniline-Coated Nanoporous Carbon Scaffold for Energy Storage and Water Deionization Applications. She is also a co-inventor of the Carbon Membrane-Based Filtration Technology. Chengying (Arlene) is passionate about transferring the technologies she co-developed into real life applications to benefit the world.

Professor Viola Birss
Science Director & Co-founder

Dr. Viola Birss is a world leader in the area of electrochemistry at surfaces and interfaces and in nanomaterials development for a wide range of clean energy applications. Viola is a Professor of Chemistry and has been a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Fuel Cells and Related Energy Systems at the University of Calgary since 2004. She was a co-founder and leader of the Western Canada Fuel Cell Initiative and the pan-Canadian Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Canada (SOFCC) Research Network, and is currently the Scientific Director of CAESR-Tech (Calgary Advanced Energy Storage and Conversion Research Technology group) at the University of Calgary, a cluster composed of ca. 20 research groups (over 80 members) in science and engineering.

Anand Singh, Ph.D
VP research & development

Anand obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has been working as a Research Associate at the University of Calgary since 2013. Anand has over 15 years of research experience in Electrochemical (Fuel cells, batteries, corrosion, sensors), Petrochemical (Ethane-steam cracking, coke formation and removal, carbon nanofiber formation from ethane and methane) and Chemical  (Catalysis, biodiesel production, reactor design) Engineering. He also has 4-year experience working in the Chemical Manufacturing and Oil and Gas industry.



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